What does this mean?
  • Our program management company will perform a quality assurance check to verify that the Town received properly installed and operating meters from our contractor.
  • The Town will hire a third-party company to perform an additional quality assurance review of the installed system.
  • A portion of the new and old meters will be field-tested by a separate firm that has done electric meter testing for the Town for many years.
  • A statistical review of electric meter data trends in December and January over the past 5 years will be performed.
  • We will conduct residential energy audits for those customers who request them. (First priority will be given to customers with the largest trend changes).

The Town began changing out our old water meters last summer. Existing meters throughout our Town were reaching the end of their operational life and many still required a manual read.

During the transition to the AMI meters, many of our utility customers have seen an increase in their monthly bills. However, when the water meter part of the program was completed several months ago, the Town was able to use the consumption information gathered by the new meters to help a number of customers find leaks or inefficiencies with their water use. After completion and review, we expect similar positive results with the electric meter part of the program.

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