How do I schedule an inspection?

The Clayton Engineering and Inspections Department handles inspections. All building inspections other than zoning inspections (site development and landscaping), which are done by the Planning Department, are done by the Engineering and Inspections Department. In order to schedule an inspection, you must leave a voicemail requesting the inspection at the Inspection Request Line: 919-359-8717.

Inspection requests need to be made by 4 pm to be scheduled for the next business day. Calling staff directly is not considered an official request, and will not be honored. All inspections that are scheduled must be ready for an inspection by 8 am on the scheduled date. All canceled inspections need to be canceled via the Inspection Request Line no later than 8 am on the scheduled date. Re-inspection fees will be applied.

Are you a contractor or developer who routinely schedules inspections? Sign up to use our Online Town of Clayton Permits System. It isn't just convenient - our inspectors also give priority to requests made online. To set up an account, please call our Permitting Specialist at 919-359-9354.

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