Spirit Tree

Cathy Perry

Chocowinity, NC

Spirit TreeCathy Perry is an accomplished artist who is delighted to exhibit for the first time in Clayton in the 3rd Annual Downtown Sculpture Trail.

"Spirit Tree" is cast completely in bronze and is installed on the East Pedestal of Horne Square on Main Street. This substantial 400-pound sculpture reaches toward the sky, standing 7.8 feet tall with its roots and limbs spanning 5 feet wide. Perry's piece embodies this spirit of summer playtime. The solid bronze branches arch out from the main trunk in a waving delicate motion. Along the trunk base are roots of solid bronze flowing under and over. Placed among the branches are various birds while the polychrome copper leaves reflect the colorful leaves of the seasons.

Perry says the dynamics of a domestic environment, cycles of the seasons, and portrayal of childhood are explored through the use of natural materials captured in bronze sculptures. Materials Perry uses for the bronze casting are in a specific state of transition such as the verge of bloom, at full flower, or going to seed.

Cathy PerryThis work represents growing up on a farm in southwestern Kentucky with her mother and five sisters. Summer was always their favorite season - they played outside most of the time. The vivid imagination of the artist's childhood is reflected in much of her work. The woods were their playground, the trees became the monkey bars, grapevines were swings and hillsides down to the creek were slides.

Perry completed her Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from East Carolina University in May 2014. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and a BA in Weaving from Western Kentucky University. In addition, Perry received a BS in Business Administration from Lindsey Wilson College in Scottsville, KY. Her work consists of bronze and aluminum cast sculpture and large outdoor fabricated steel sculptures. She intends to continue teaching sculpture and art foundation courses along with creating her art.